Indigenous art and jewelry

Yawanawa indigenous art and jewelry the pieces of master made by women in the Force of Uni (ayahuasca) - sacred medicine that brings visions and open doors to the secrets of the Universe.

This art in fact are a transmission of spiritual visions that come to them and carry a blessing and protection for the person who wears it. Routes (bracelets) act both in everyday life and in the power of Uni. Symbols of the snake help the accumulation of energy and direct it to the development of fluidity to circumvent any obstacles. The bracelet has a protective function of forest energy.

Typically made by tribal women, these beadwork brings the power of the forest, where each image has sacred meanings representing creatures and animals.

Bracelets include tribal «Kene", so they call the symbols that are used to paint the body and other forms of spiritual art.

When Kene is painted, the power of that particular symbol or animal is invoked for protection or healing.

They can be very specific from tribe to tribe and are a form of identification.

Each bracelet is in a single copy and is absolutely unique.