Rapé Apurina
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Rapé Apurina

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One day Paje Apurina had a dream that near the queen of the forest - the tree of Samauma, there is a plant that can bring healing to his people. Where it was found later.

Every year, the Aviri plant, from which Apurina tobacco-free rapé is made, changes its place of origin, and it can be harvested in small quantities only at certain times of the year.

Therefore, very often rapé Apurina becomes a subject of forgery. 

This rapé connects earth and sky, balances the polarities of male and female, is very useful for opening the breath and pure mind. Protects the soul, gives the feeling of clear dreams and brings calm comfort and presence.

It helps to reveal feelings, gives clarity, tune in to the more subtle energies of the forest and the healing spirits of plants.

We sell the original Apurina rapé from the tribe.

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