Rapé Cumaru Jiboia Especial
Yawa Espirito

Rapé Snuff Cumaru Jiboia Espesial

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Dear Friends, we have new kinds of rapé (hape) that we want to share.

We got rapé made by master Gesileo - Cumaru Jiboia especial.

This rapé is done with prayer and in the presence of Jiboia (python), the sacred power of which gives physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing.

This medicine is very easily felt when you blow it, it has an incredible vanilla aroma, not like other types of rapes, but do not flatter yourself, after 5-10 minutes the primary lightness is replaced by a powerful meditative wave that will clear your mind and open your heart.

And finally, the pleasant aroma of vanilla will accompany you for several more hours, reminding you of this wonderful experience.

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