Rapé Snuff Huni Tsunu
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Rapé Snuff Huni Kuin Tsunu

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Tsunu is one of the oldest blends, known for its powerful effects - clarity, grounding, focusing.


Ideal for restoring the body, mind and spirit.


Physically acting to relieve stress


Made by the Huni Kuin (Kaxinawá)

In Huni Kuin tribe (translated "Real People"), also known as Kaxinawa, together with tobacco use many different plants. They often apply ground seeds of Angiku and the ashes of Ispansao, which open the third eye. From the most numerous tribe of Huni Kuin, different varieties come to us, containing such plants as Murici (Byrsonima crassifólia), Mulateiro (Calycophyllum Spruceanum), Cumaru (Dipteryx odorata).

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