Rapé Snuff Yawanawa by Runuina
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Rapé Snuff Yawanawa by Runuina

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Rapé Snuff Yawanawa by Runuina

This is a classic combination of Tsunu and strong tobacco.

Strong and sharp

Experience the powerful and intense blend of Tsunu and tobacco with the Rapé Snuff Yawanawa by Runuina. This classic rapé blend has been used for generations by the Yawanawa tribe in the Brazilian Amazon.

The combination of Tsunu and tobacco provides a strong and sharp sensation that is invigorating and promotes focus. However, it is important to use this powerful plant medicine under the guidance of an experienced shaman or practitioner.

The Rapé Snuff Yawanawa by Runuina is handmade and contains a finely ground blend of Tsunu and tobacco. This traditional rapé blend comes directly from the Yawanawa tribe, ensuring an authentic and high-quality product.

Experience the power of traditional rapé snuff with the Rapé Snuff Yawanawa by Runuina, and discover the benefits of this powerful plant medicine for yourself.


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